Business Cards

Business cards will be customizable. The initial design will range from $10-$25. The price of print copies will vary based on finish option (matte, glossy, etc.) and quantity.


Invitations will include but not be limited to; wedding, party, graduation announcements, anniversary, baby shower, birthday, retirement, and house warming. Invitations are customizable to meet the customer’s needs. Pricing will vary based on size and customization.


Brochures will include; tri-fold, bi-fold, flyers or leaflets, and z-fold brochures. Brochures can be ordered in either a glossy or a matte finish.

Funeral Programs

Templates will be available to customers to download. Customers will also have the option to choose a customizable template and include wording choice for an additional fee. 


Envelope creation will be specific and customizable to non-profit organizations for giving. Also, envelopes will come in a variety of sizes.

Quick Prints (Omaha area)

Do you need any standard 8×11 documents printed within 48 hours? If so, we are the person for the job! Simply contact us and we will follow-up within 24 hours to fulfill your request.

Online Fax Services

If you would like to request a fax to be sent, please contact us and we will follow-up within 24 hours.

Shredding (Omaha area)

Are there any documents that you need to be shredded? Please contact us and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up a date for you to bring your documents.

Committed to Putting the “Service” in Customer Service.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority! We understand the desire to have projects completed to client specifications and with the highest level of quality. This, we are certain to continually achieve through the dedication and commitment of our founder – Andrea Taylor who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Furthermore, Printing on Purpose will diligently work to strengthen customer relationships by focusing on service, value, and communication.